10 Best Lip Glosses (Glitter to Matte) for All Skin Tones and Types

Last Updated: April 9, 2020
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Lip gloss stained lips are beautiful to look at but even more fun to play with. Like how it can make our lips more plump, fuller, cutesier, and how our entire demeanor changes. Put a lip gloss on the petal of a girl and see how she turns into someone new.

But, lip glosses are nightmares when they get awry but other than that who will not like a shiny colored candy? A little bit of risk is okay. Just carry makeup wipes and have your phone show you your mess. Wipe then reapply.

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To make the hassle less hassling some of the best lip glosses in the market have been recorded here to make the mess a bit hotter. So grace your pouts with something nice and glossy. Smile, bite, eat and dive. You and your mooches are the best.

Why do I like lip gloss over lipstick or lip balm?

I like natural colored, shiny, and soft lips. Lipstick makes my lips hard colored though its color stays for hours, even more than 6 hours. I feel tight and dry lips while wearing lipstick. And sometimes, I have to also use lip balm under the lipstick to keep the pout hydrated that a hassle for me.

But, when I apply lip gloss, I don’t need any basic lip balm as lip gloss keeps the lips nourished and shiny though lip gloss does not stay for a longer time. But, I am used to reapplying it when it fades. Lip gloss is also rich in light colors so you don’t need to use lipstick.

Also, for date lip gloss is superb because it makes the lips sexier than lipstick. Lip gloss changes the texture of the lips. And OLD IS GOLD. So back to me, please.

10 best lip glosses, promise to make your pout shiny cute doll again like the past

1. Beauty Treats Shimmery Lip Glossbest lip gloss ever

Beauty Treats Shimmery Lip Gloss comes in 6 different pretty colors including Beige Peach, Ice Pink, Fuschia, and Rose. It is a long-wearing, smooth and shimmery lip gloss. You can use it all the months of the year including winter. It is great for dry lips. You can either wear it alone or on the lipstick. It is preferable at night to my parties. My younger sister likes it more. Grab it if you are a lip gloss mad.

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2. FusionBeauty LipFusion Infatuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fattener First Crush Lip Gloss best lip gloss ever

Be infatuated with 9 beautiful shades. It’s precision brush gives a seamless and flawless color coverage. Unlock the most plumping lips with the revolutionary lip-shining technology. It is pink and if your lips are dark then you can use it. Of course, pink shades are suited to all skin tones. All women from younger to older can use pink. And it is one of the most used lip glosses. You can use it in your universities or night gathering also.

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3. SHANY Cosmetics Lip Gloss with Aloe Vera and Vitamin Ebest lip gloss ever

This lip gloss comes in real true colors- orange, red, pink and nude. All colors have different finishes and opacities. Each lip gloss is created with vitamin E and Aloe Vera that will soften and nourish the lips. Shany Cosmetics lip gloss is totally cruelty-free and a member of PETA. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and it makes the lips wrinkle and fine lines free. Aloe vera is soothing and greatly usable for sunburned lips. Or if you want to go in the sun, you can wear this lip gloss. Aloe vera also heals chapped and dry lips.

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4. NYX Butter Lip Gloss Creme Bruleebest lip gloss ever

NYX always offers natural and pure glossy color. It is Butter Lip Gloss Crème Brulee from NYX. It is wholly new, and 100% authentic. Gives you creamy shining pout. If you want gorgeous lips, then it is perfect for you. It makes the lips elegant and wonderful for all hours of the day. Leaves the lips moisturized and smooth with a beautiful pink coated color.

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5. Revlon Lip Gloss Super Lustrous with SPF 15 in Pink Popbest lip gloss ever

With a gorgeous sheer color, it comes with a shiny lip gloss. Revlon Lip Gloss is formulated with rich moisturizers, vitamin C & E and LiquiSilk technology. An alluring pink shade will sparkle and protect the pout’s sweetness with SPF 15 sun blockage. Great to protect the harmful rays of the sun.

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6. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Whisperbest lip gloss ever

No doubt, Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine is a good one as it is made with a natural formula. It gives a subtle neutral and sheers glossy shine. The sunflower and apricot oils nourish and soften the lips. The natural beeswax moisturizes dry lips. It is a moisturizing lip gloss loaded with available popular shades.

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7. NARS Lip Gloss, Orgasmbest lip gloss ever

It’s NARS and mostly considered as the hottest lip gloss. It is highly pigmented and extra-glossy. Comes with a convenient wand application. The lip gloss is usable over the lipstick or alone. This one provides golden shimmer warm pink sheer color. Good for dry cracked lips and who has dark lips can also use it instead of lipstick.

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8. Maybelline New York ShineSensational Lip Gloss, Peach Sorbetbest lip gloss ever

Maybelline gives another best lip gloss that you must love. This ShineSensational is enriched with pure Peach Sorbet with glassy luscious shine. It is a moisturizing lip gloss, but not sticky or creamy. Feel the detectable elegance on your pout.

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9. e.l.f. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrellasbest lip gloss ever

e.l.f. Jumbo is a nourishing lip gloss enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, soybean oil, and other natural conditioning ingredients. Gives your lips a higher smooth glossy formula. It glides on like a lipstick but looks a true lip gloss.

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10. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 6HR NeverFail Lip Gloss, Undeniable Mauvebest lip gloss ever

A wonderful Mauve is waiting for you!!! 6-hour hydration with super shine lip gloss attitude. The formula will keep your lips colorful, glossy, smooth and soft for hours that never will smudge. It’s Petit Couer applicator shapes your lips nicely with a flawlessly smooth finish. The gloss stays truly without fading.

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These tips I also follow to keep my lips always smooth and healthy

I exfoliate my lips once or twice a week. I usually use honey and brown sugar to scrub my lips. Scrubbing removes dead or dull skin cells and reveals out the natural pink color that looks really cool.

I apply SPF lip balm when I step out in the sun because the sunrays tan, burn and dry out the lips easily. Also, I use sunscreen for my face. This insane area is always opened to all things.

I always prefer moisturizing lipsticks that contain shea butter, oils, aloe vera, or other natural colors or ingredients.

Before sleeping I must rub my favorite lip balm over my lips and in the morning I get just a smooth pout.

My skin is deep, so I don’t pick bold or bright colored lipsticks. Mauve, terracotta, brown, dark red, dark rose, etc. are my favorite lip colors.


Hope, now you can pick your favorite one from these best-selling lip glosses of the market. The above basic tips for lip care also help you. Let us know how you felt. Or if you have another favorite lip gloss, share it with us through the comment.

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