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Ways to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing

23 Ways to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing

You love your hair the way it is but sometimes it does feel good to bring a change into it. An event is coming or vacation is ahead it is fun to change your look for the time being. Who does not love to get attention once in a while? Be happy cause there are ways to change that everyday hair without much effort.

It is not easy to change hairstyle permanently. You have to think about many things, prepare and maintain it. The whole thing is tiresome and with day to day life, some just cannot do it. It is also not ensuring if it will look good or not. But manipulating your hair doesn’t have to require a commitment.

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You can change them every day if you want to and in different styles. And the best part is none of them is permanent so you can get back to your old style if it doesn’t suit you. No worries.

Though this article was mainly focused on women hair men will also find it helpful. So, men do not shy away. Go through the page.

How Will This Article Come to Help?

The thing is that growing out your natural hair is a very tough and time-consuming job (apparently your whole life) and it is not at all easy to change it drastically like by cutting it in half or colouring it completely opposite to your hair color. It is risky and it takes up a lot of your energy and time. And you do not know what will be the end product.

But that absolutely does not mean you cannot do new hairstyle every day. You surely can. This article will help you with that. So that you can have a new look and yet do not have to lose your original self. Best of both worlds.

With these techniques you will not have to apply scissor on your hair, go through colour treatment or spend lots of bucks, time, imagination and effort. Simple DIY ideas for you to try at home.

  1. Change Sides

Changing sides does not mean you have to stop supporting your favourite team and support the opposites or leave your favourite side of bed and travel to the opposite end, all it means to have your hair combed and parted on a different point. If you always comb left then go for the right, if you are on the right side take a left. Or opt for middle or leave it. You get the picture, right? Explore different areas of your head. Make new states.

According to Gibson, “A center part can give a rounder face a more angular appearance. Meanwhile, a deep side part can bring more focus to the eyes.” Side part also adds volume to the hair. Middle part gives a symmetrical and structured vibe. A low parting gives off an incredible movement to your hair.

And like me and many another person in the world, most of the people have a cowlick up front standing on the hairline. It is a lock of hair hanging or projecting out. A side part positioned directly to the opposite way can sure create the incredible effect of lifted hair. By parting your hair you can also fake layers.

  1. Combing Back

Done with partings what about no parts at all? Yeah. There is no rule that you have to always part your hair. In fact, you can just comb your hair back to hide any parting showing off.Ways to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing A back-combed hair looks really slick and chic for an evening occasion and of course, you can wear it at work, no hair will disturb you then.

This hairstyle has a very strong demeanour in it as if you are a strong dark person with a “Do Not Mess With Me Sign” (to me of course). After pulling your hair back you can add a pony or a headband or braid as you wish. Choices are open. This wet look of yours will surely not be futile.

To keep the back-look okay whole day use gel, oil or spray or combine gel and oil like celebrity stylist Clariss Rubenstein, “I use a little too much oil at first to make the hair look wet (this also keeps the gel from penetrating the hair and making it stiff), then I apply gel to help the hair stay in place.” This style suits both men and women.

  1. Tuck

Like how in childhood you were tucked in your bed with care and love (well I wasn’t as I lived in a warm climate so no blanky for me) tuck your hair as well. Take it all back behind your ear. It is also a good of a change. May not feel anything drastic but you will be amazed when you see the difference. But sorry curlies tucking is not a thing for you (ask my hair I can never tuck they bounce back) or those you have very thin hair. Tucking in thin hair will make it look thinner for them it is best to let hair open and free, falling on face.

  1. Faux Hair- The Wig

Yes. The most obvious one. Wearing a wig is not that tough or big science, all you have to do is pull your real head tight inside and put on your desired hair style wig. Thus, you can experience that longtime wish of bob hair, lob (long bob), long locks or the crazy unicorn theme coloured hair. The wig can be really helpful when you want to experiment with your hair but are not sure about what to do.

  1. Celebrity Popular Faux Bob

Almost every celebrity, stylist, and fashion lovers do fake bobs. Many time a bob look will look great with a dress or for an event that time cutting hair is surely insane so what cannot be done. Wear a wig or turn your long natural hair into a bob hairdo or lob. There are few techniques but they are more than enough for you to rock a bob style.

  1. Make It Big

Adding extension will not only add length but will also make it look voluminous. It will take your hair to another length of beauty. Add them and make the effect of layer, highlights and more without touching your hair with the scissors. Add in some fake hair extension and layer it up.Ways to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing

  1. Make It Long

Got short hair, want to make it longer. No need to wait for all the months to pass by, just add some extra lengths in it and get long hairdo in the party.

They are the quick and smart save for a big day. Add some length and go cascading your hair on the back freely or make a fancy hairdo with it. Extensions (Buy From Amazon) will surely help to achieve your dream hair-do and they are easy to add. Just part the place where you want to add the extensions, tease, spray and clip in. Simple. The extensions are really hair clip with fake hair attached to it so they are easy to stick and remove.

  1. Adding New Layers

As said by adding extensions you can give your hair some additional layers as well. They add volume, they give off a nice movement, they can frame your face and give out a rocking look. Experiment with your natural length by flipping hair to one side and by adding in. A small cut at a small section of hair can help too. Your choice.

Remember: Always brush your extension and keep them tangle-free no matter what if you want to keep them for a long time looking good.

  1. Bang Bang

You must have come across a girl who has cute bangs and it makes you wonder how would you look at them but are afraid to cut the hair. I’m too! My natural curls don’t allow me. So? So what! Make them fake. Yes, we can add fake bangs to your hair. You make your hairdo in such way that it gives out a bang look. There is more than one way to rock the bang look. Just one ‘say’ from Julie Tussey, “With bangs, “You need higher impact on the eyes.”

  1. Fringe

Cutting a fringe is also not a bad idea. It is not as big move as bangs but looks good. And is very low maintenance. You can try faking the fringe or add clip-in fringe as well. They are non-committal completely.

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  1. Pull It Up

If you just leave your hair to be as it is or put it in a pony or braid then what about a bun. Messy buns are always popular and attractive and you can do much more than a bun. Pullin up your hair every now and then is a good idea. It lets your pretty face show to the world. Pull it up.

  1. Let It Go

Just a simple hairdo like letting your natural hair loose cascading on your back is not a bad idea. Hey, your hair is beautiful as it is. You have been gifted with it why hide? Just comb it and let it be, let it do what it wants. Spritz some anti-frizz serum (Buy From Amazon) and spray so that it doesn’t get tangled. You can also apply cream to your damp natural hair so the natural texture and amplified and saved during the day.

  1. Straight

Where letting your hair open is fun you can try letting them flow like a curtain over your shoulder. Straightening hair is possible at home without cutting or adding. Just put some anti-heat product and use a flat iron or try straightening brush. Put it down or put it in a ponytail. Do whatever you like with it. Smooth straight hair can be strictly professional.

  1. Add Waves

If you are bored with your plain straight hair then it is high time that you sent some waves to your way. Doing waves is easy can be done at home, they are not permanent you can wave them anyhow anywhere and they suit any occasion. Let them air dry to get natural waves too. Soft waves are really very attractive. You can also style them in dense or loose waves as you prefer. Use your curling goods. Symonds says, “I love creating quick texture by running a flat iron over braided dry hair,”

Just don’t forget to get a good anti-heat and anti-frizz product for treating your hair well. If you have natural black curls then why not show them to the world?

  1. Pony TailsWays to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing

Right! Just a ponytail, a basic hairdo, nothing fancy or tough. But a ponytail can and will bring a huge difference in the way you look. A stylish pony can be your diva look of the day. Comb your hair and tie it up in a slick pony, go higher on the top or let it just dangle on a side. Chose your pony of the day.

  1. Braids

Another basic thing. We all know it and you might be already frustrated but darlings, basics are what makes the best foundation of extraordinary. Try out some simple but gorgeous braids and of course, they are highly fashionable before you judge. And you know something you can braid anywhere in your hair. Let see who makes the highest amount of braids (I made a high pony and put 21 braids on it with my original curly hair).

  1. Curl That Curling Rod

Curling rod is your in-home stylist. You can do a bunch of experiments with your hair by playing with the curling rod. Curling hair will add a new dimension, making it look voluminous and will give texture. Curl it different ways for different effects. Make the curls tight or loose. Or curl just a portion. Even curling in a different direction is a great fun too. You never know what possibilities are there for the curling rod and your hair.

You can also change your curing rod size. It will also help you to play your hair into new experiments. But, do not forget heat protection (Buy From Amazon).

  1. Blow DryingWays to Change Your Hair Style Temporarily Without Committing

You can make your hair look bouncy and voluminous by blow drying it and giving it shapes. This will change the way your hair looks without any cutting or drastic measure.

  1. Texture Spray

How about texturizing sprays or sea salt sprays? They give instant texture to your hair. It will be voluminous, soft and will also have a matte finish. (Buy From Amazon)

  1. Get a Gloss

The gloss is a great idea to uplift your hair. It will add shine to your hair making it look more lively, voluminous and pretty. It will shine and when you bounce your hair it will give out a great effect. The gloss does not penetrate the follicle but just add shine on the surface so it is non-committal and it lasts a few shampoos. So you can go for it without much hesitation. Men can also get a glossy shine.

  1. Color

Not permanently colouring your hair but faking it of course. Changing hair colour permanently takes more than what you imagine. You can try temporary dye, hair chalk or clip-ins (Buy From Amazon). There are so many ways to change the look of your hair by adding new colours without going in for something permanent.

There are many products that will help you and does not require much care and last a few washes as well. You can also think about putting in some streak of bold bright color by dying them as you normally dye your hair. That is also not a bad idea. A temporary pastel shade will surely change your look to 180 degrees.

  1. Highlights

By putting in some highlights strategically you can change your look too. “Sometimes all you need is a couple lighter pieces around your face and a few pieces painted on the mid-lengths through the ends to add some life and dimension to drab colour,” Symonds says. They are easy to maintain and does require your permanent promise.

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery is always a girl’s best friend. Put one to two beautiful hair clips is not a bad idea. And it surely makes you look stylish. You can try a wooden piece, stone ornaments or simple resin or plastic. There are million different hair band and clips waiting for you. How about trying this hair band from Amazon.

Now Style Your Hair

We hope the article has come handy. You now can adopt a new look without any hesitation. After all, life is not worth to live the same always a change is a good thing. Let us know if it has helped you or not. Which style has a suit you better? Or if there is something new in your bag. Share your thoughts with us and others as well. Bring a change together.

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