Men Grooming: The Ultimate, Quick and Easy 7 Guidelines

Guys, let’s be real here. Ladies like a man who can take care of himself. No, we’re not talking about spending more time in the mirror than your girl does, but a little effort goes a long way! Male grooming is essential!

Not only will the woman in your life be happier when you decide to spend more time grooming yourself, but also your boss, co-workers, and friends will be taking notes on how you always seem to stay so groomed!

1. Eyebrowsmen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

First, let’s talk about your eyebrows. This has to be one of the most commonly mentioned grooming issues for a man—and for a good reason! So, listen up. You have probably heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, what sits directly above the eyes…your brows!

When you are gazing into your lover’s eyes, you don’t want them focusing on unkempt, bushy eyebrows. Oh, and you especially don’t want to be caught with a uni-brow, that’s just wrong. Even if your hair is thin in that area, someone is going to spot it! Be confident with a well-shaped, and well-trimmed brow.

You can pick up a fantastic little pair of tweezers that will hardly cost you anything at most retail/drug stores, or you can set up an appointment with a groomer. Invest in an option that will last, and keep you, and your brows in line.

2. Beardsmen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

There are so many contrasting opinions online about what sort of facial hair is most attractive, and most desirable to women. Every article explains their own statistics, and opinions to consider, but it all comes down to preference. You could ask twenty different women about your beard, and they will give you twenty different answers. They could all be positive, but they will all be different.

One thing in common is that they will say they want to see a well-groomed beard if you have one. If you are going to grow a giant bushy beard, fine, good for you, but expect to have a lot of upkeep.

There are so many beard products out there to choose from! All of which will help you maintain a clean and conditioned beard. Remember, with more pronounced, bushy beards, you still have to trim and create a shape to your beard. With stubble there comes great responsibility as well.

Stubble is one of the most “sexy” version of facial hair. If you are going to keep a short beard, depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you have to keep constant tabs on the growth. Either way, you can’t walk out of the bathroom without checking the state of your facial hair. The unfortunate hair that grows from ears, and noses, beards need to be kept in constant consideration.

A well-kept beard, bushy or stubbly, can be very impressive, and accentuate the features of the face. This is why you will need to purchase a beard trimmer, but not just any old one. You will have to read up on the features and length settings as provided to you here and then make a well-researched decision.

An unkempt, and messy beard makes the wearer look like they don’t care about their appearance, and that’s not what ladies like. Decide which beard style you like, and looks good on you, and purchase tools that will help you maintain fabulous facial hair that is sure to enhance your look.

3. Lipsmen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

Do you find yourself using only a few products you’ve stashed in your bathroom drawer? Well, you need to make sure one of those products is a chapstick or lip balm. Brickell, RUGGED & DAPPER, CHAPFIX+. Whatever you choose make sure you don’t leave the house without slipping one in your pocket.

Your girl won’t be able to resist your lips if you keep them moisturized and specially protected from the harsh weather of course. They will look, and feel better too the longer you use Chapstick. Chapped lips are no fun for you or your girl.

A smile will brighten her day and you want to make sure those pearly whites are framed by soft, un-cracked lips. If you find your Chapstick keeps disappearing on you, you might want to check to see if your girl is keeping it for herself, but that’s ok you can let her keep one.

4. Nose and Ear Hairmen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

Have you ever spent time looking in the mirror at stubborn nose hair? It is by far one of the most overlooked parts of the body when you are grooming yourself. For all you guys out there, start taking more notice, and take care of it early.

There are different options for stepping up your grooming game. Whether you want to choose to wax or tweeze, try out an option that will work for you.

Same goes for the ears. Just give a quick glance into your ears, and make sure everything is in order. The key to staying groomed is being more proactive about the smaller details you may be currently overlooking. Anyway, you can pay more attention to detail, the better.

5. Finger Nailsmen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

Now, no one is saying you have to go out and get a manicure every week (although, the pampering is nice), but guys, your fingernails aren’t meant to be chewed. It is a nasty habit, and not only that, your fingers look terrible. According to a recent poll, women were asked what features they noticed first on a guy.

First came facial hair, and second, almost always, they mentioned his fingernails. When a guy walks up with fingernails that are half chewed almost to the cuticle, it is a real turn off for women.

A well-manicured hand speaks volumes about the kind of a man you are, and how you like to take care of yourself. Your nails shouldn’t be too long. Clip them evenly, and file the jagged areas evenly. Clipping your nails will take no more than 5 minutes. You may have experienced hangnails, which get caught on everything, and then what happens? You get annoyed and bite your nails.

It’s a vicious cycle, but a nail file can really help keep hour nails look fantastic. A recent study found that 77% of men say they visit the nail salon with their partner and 25% of men trim their nails by biting them.

Get into a good habit of grabbing a nail clipper and a file the next time you have the urgency to bite your nails. Otherwise, find a local salon and get your nails retouched, these services aren’t only for women. Plus, your girl will thank you for an excuse to go to the nail salon and keep her happy.

6. Colognemen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

Guys, there is such a thing as too much cologne (check best-sellers on Amazon), and when worn too heavily, the beautiful fragrance turns into an odor. If you haven’t experienced someone wearing too much cologne, be thankful, it really can be overwhelming. Being in a room with someone who has an overwhelming smell of cologne will actually tend to have a lot more negative reactions than positive ones.

A simple method of applying cologne is to use your hotspots. These are the inside of your arm at the crease under your elbow and your neck. One spray of cologne on each arm is way more effective than spraying it on your wrist, and the fragrance lasts longer. The neck is a very sensual place to spray cologne, as long as you keep the spraying to a normal amount. One, or at most, two sprays on the neck is perfectly fine.

Cologne reacts with each and everyone’s body chemistry, and when mixed with the scent of our own chemical makeup, the result can either be enchanting or offensive. Put in the effort, don’t leave to chance what will smell good on you.

If a fragrance works for your friend, don’t assume it will work for your body too. What smells woodsy, and masculine on one man, could end up smelling sour, or even feminine on another man. It all just depends on how your body works with the chemical makeup of the cologne.

Remember, less is more! Use your hotspots, do your homework, and figure out which scents work for you.

7. Skin Caremen grooming: the ultimate, quick and easy 7 guidelines

A group of men was asked what their daily skin care routine is and what products they use. More than 50% of them said they use body soap to wash their faces. This is a major mistake that you can easily fix right now. Many men might be caught saying, “my face is so oily it doesn’t matter what I use…”


The face has a delicate balance of oil, and when washed incorrectly, your face actually produces more oil to correct the damage inflicted by harsh soaps meant for other parts of your body.

There are many different options when it comes to skincare, but that doesn’t mean that all of them will work for you. There are many different skincare brands, and like cologne, it really depends on your body, and how the product will work on your skin. Again, skin care products should be customized to your own body.

A good face wash will change your life and the way your skin reacts to your environment. Moisturizers are one of the products you can find that will make a huge difference to your complexion.

Your eyes should also be an area of concern. The eye cream is s product that is not just for the ladies, but for your skin too. The delicate skin around your eyes is the first area to show aging on both men and women.

Men have thicker, and less sensitive skin than women, typically, but there are many skin care products to cater to us guys. Your hands are also huge indicators of age, keep those hand moisturized! The older we get, our skin is the first indication of aging, and how we manage our skin is important to be well groomed. Sunblock should absolutely be part of a good skincare routine.

Find products that will help you keep your skin hydrated such as face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, and hand cream. These are all great tools to help you get started. You may not realize it, but you could be doing a lot of damage to your skin with too much-unprotected sun exposure.

If you can find products that contain SPF sunblock, this will be a huge bonus. Most products that contain SPF will be at least a 30 grade, and you should try to aim for products with at least SPF 30 or higher.

Again, a little effort can go a long way and find a skin care line that works for you will be the key to your success and well-groomed look. Find a routine that works for you where you can pull products from several lines to take advantage of all the benefits of a daily skincare routine.

There’s no rule that says you MUST only use products from one brand, but find out which product lines you like, by testing products, and asking questions.

Remember to first find out what kind of skin you have. Is it oily, dry, or a combination? Then, you can compare different skin care lines, and find out which products will help you with maintaining your specific skin type. For example, if you have dry skin you can use these home remedies.

Be Wise, Be More Groomed

Just remember the saying that prevention is easier than correction. If you take the time to find a skin care you love and helps condition your skin, later in life you will be less likely to have skin problems and prevent premature aging.


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