how to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

The wish of always looking good in public is undeniable appealing and wanted by all be it men, women, young or old. That is why people from all over the world and throughout the centuries have come up with many tricks and terms. And in today’s world, it is makeup that hugely plays the role of making someone look good. But you can look good naturally. Know how to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts.

Everyone has beauty hidden in them. And it is true. The thing that is missing is the person’s perspective and the ability to bring it out. You need to focus on your plus point and enhance them. There is everything you need to stand out in the crowd, your individuality. You are already different from the crowd like anyone else. All you have to do is make it shine. A regular and maintained life will surely make you better.

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A healthy, clean and maintained body is the most appealing figure. Nothing can be better than the creation of The Almighty. Nothing can touch the heart as the simplicity. Nature is what allure us the most.

Why Did Women Start to Wear Makeup? The History of Makeup:how to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

The history of makeup is related to the spiritual beings. The women used to wear it mostly, (men had their fair share too) and their intention was also to please but their target was different and a bit higher than today. They dolled-up for Gods. They believed there was a connection between their spirituality and their appearance and this belief lasted for centuries. Kohl was like a charmer to ward off evil. (Now it is also a way to look a bit evil, black shadow eyes).

The first makeup was introduced in Egypt, Greece, and Rome around 6000 years ago. Yes, makeup is that old. There is still a lot of debate but this is the jest. At that time they had their own eyeliners, blush, rouge, balms, lipstick, soaps, and moisturizer. The ingredients were completely natural, but not always safe. They used fat from veggies and animals, they burnt almonds to form Kohl, applied henna on nails, made soap of vegetable and animal’s oil, dug clays but this not where the risk factor is. They used to use lead, ore, ochre, oxides and other things that can provide color and was dangerous.

Well, then again they had no way to know if the ingredients were right for the skin and health or not. All they had in mind was ‘looking-good’ (even today we follow the same customs).

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

The purpose is same but what is the mentality behind putting fake colors on the face. As you can see in the past it was for someone else (the Gods reportedly). It was to impress the invisible higher-ups in hopes to gain some extra points. Following the norm even today the mechanism of practicing makeup is the mentality of impressing others.

Put the hand on your heart and ask yourself. If you have to wear makeup or you are planning to, what is the sole reason? The first layer of the answer is “I always wear it and is used to it. It is a norm to wear makeup before stepping out of the house”. For many, it is right after they open their eyes in the morning. Surprisingly enough many women have admitted to the fact that and said, “I feel naked if I’m not wearing any makeup”. Not a healthy practice.

Sadly enough where we all are screaming to love yourself and to do things that satisfy your soul the everyday habit of many women, wearing makeup is standing against it. Upon asking a few students of University level some answer came like this, “As I was a child some people regard me as less fair or considered me not beautiful according to the social scale”, “I wear makeup because everybody else does. And it is not comfortable to come out bare face among them”.

All of them are negative and detrimental to one’s mental health. But, not all have the same perspective, for some makeup is just for fun and letting out the creative personality of themselves. For many makeups is just an option, not a necessity and this is the only healthy mindset that everyone should practice.

Makeup, clothes, accessories or anything must be worn only to satisfy your wish. Because you want to try it. Not because it will make you look better in someone else eyes. Keep that in mind.

Why Even Without Makeup Does Someone Look Gorgeous Every Day?

In the past and also in the present someone’s attractiveness measurement is decided actually by the health terms. The mindset of finding someone attractive was if she or he will have better offspring. The healthier they the prettier they are considered. Big awake eyes mean energetic, a slight blush on cheeks mean nice blood flow, smooth skin- signs of tender age, long silky hair, slender waist, arranged teeth are all signs of good health and also the measuring scale of beauty.

That proves the healthy you are the more beautiful you get. So, why being healthy will not replace the practice of makeup? After all, you do makeup, plastic surgery, diet to cover up all these faults, right? That is without doing any makeup just by being healthy you can look always pretty.

The world’s most photographed woman and the iconic person Lady Diana was the biggest example of no makeup or less makeup. And yet she was one of the most beautiful ladies in the British Royal to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

And not only she there more than one example of beauties in the entertainment industry that are known as pure beauty even without makeup. And they even dared to come on screen without it. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sarkar Raj, Mary J. Blige in Mudbound. Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif and a lot of others come without makeup in front of cameras and still look their best.

Who is your favorite royal or celebrity without makeup? Let us know in the comment below and help in spreading the wise words of loving yourself as you are.

13 Tips on How to Look Always Pretty Without Makeup: Tips from Beauty Experts

The art of looking good lies in your day to day life. How you manage and carry out yourself throughout every day of your life. Your natural appearance is directly connected to your inner health. How good is your inner health is how good your outer-self. Anyway, see some tips on how the above celebrities or royals maintain their nice look even without makeup.

  1. Clear Skin

The first and foremost of all beauty is a good clear skin. After all, it is the layer that people see. And everything you do with makeup also revolves around your skin. So, having a beautiful skin naturally makes you a beauty naturally.

Bath regularly. First, start with a warm bath then use a skin-friendly wash or soap to clear the skin. Do it thoroughly. Then finish it with cold water. Do not stay in the water for long as it takes away all the moister and makes you dry. Ultimately your skin will be damaged. Moisturized as soon as you rinse off the water with a towel.

When it comes to facial skin, it needs better care as it is thinner and is mostly exposed. The series you should maintain in order to keep your face clean.

 Wash: Washes or cleansers are the basic and almost everyone has a one or two. But there are lots of varieties from coming in gel form to the cream product, different ingredients targeting different problems. Pick your one carefully considering your skin type and problem. Damp your hands and face, take a pint size of it, massage on your face in regular circular motion gently and wash off. Wash regularly too more than once in a day depending on the situation. Beware of overdoing it.

Scrub: DIY homemade scrubs or market scrubs, get one and do it at least twice a week. There is a whole world of scrubs waiting for you. Scrub with care. It needs a lot of attention as scrubbing harshly and more frequently than require can damage your skin cells and cause micro wounds on the surface. And even scrub off fresh new skin with needed moisture.

Mask: If there is a world of scrubs than there is a whole universe of masks. Applying mask is an age-old tradition of beauty care. From clay to oil, there is variation after variation. Relating every type of skin problem there is mask against it. And you can try lots of masks and that also at the same time.

Toners: Toners are the gentlest way to exfoliate your skin. It clears away any dirt or toxin left behind and makes pores more accessible for moistures and serums. Using toner right after washing will also enhance your complexion, maintain pH balance, heal excess dryness, oiliness, soothe aggravation, calms irritation and much more. Toners can be applied during both night and day, but the night is a must.

Serums: Serums are also the least recognized skin care product like toners. But they are not just a liquid and there is a proper way to apply it. Serums are highly concentrated active ingredients. They enhance all the product performances you are using. From clogged pores to signs of aging it can take care of all. Apply serum to damp skin after toners. You can put multiple layers of different serums. But remember ‘excess of anything is not good’.

Eye Creams: Eye creams are only designated for the orbital bone, that is from under the eyes to the bone on the top of your cheeks. Pat the cream from outside in to go against the smile lines with your ring finger. No rubbing or tugging. It may lead to irritation and early wrinkles. Do not touch the eyelashes.

Moisturizers: There is no time for moisturizer whenever your skin needs it, apply it. Not only on your face but also on the neck. Do not leave other body parts either. Apply it evenly by massaging gently on the skin with hands. And there is no need for an extra layer of moisturizer. It will not heal dryness or give extra protective but will surely clog your pores causing breakouts.

Except these, there are antioxidants, oils, retinol, anti-aging, spot creams. Check them all out and arrange your beauty routine. Depending on skin type, region you live in and skin necessities everyone has their own specific needs. Keep them in mind.

  1. Sun Protection (SPF)how to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

Still many do not understand the importance of SPF. It is not a cosmetic or a makeup that will enhance your beauty. It is a necessity that you must use to protect yourself from the harmful sun. Yes, the warm and sweet sun. Sun’s UV rays are very much damaging to the skin including hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and skin cancer. Now, do you get it? Put on SPF after you have done everything. But apply it at least 30 minutes before you step out in the sun. No matter if it is rainy or winter. Do not skip it. Keep an SPF 45 to the least.

  1. BB Cream

Maybe you have heard of BB creams. And if you are a fan of Asian entertainment like K-Pop or J-Pop and dramas then for sure you know the importance of BB creams in the celebrities life and how effective they are (Don’t the oppa’s and unni’s look just great? Right out of a manhwa). The BB cream is a multipurpose product intended to play the role of moisturizer, serum, and foundation. What else you need. So you can actually wear makeup without picking up the makeup box. Give it a try. It is just like a cream to apply on face.

Let us know about your favorite Asian Star and which feature of them you like. We will help you to have it.

  1. Lifestyle

A lifestyle involves many things which are actually everything about you. From waking up to going bed whatever you do and how you do is your lifestyle. Depending on how you manage your 24 hours your appearance of every day and years later will be decided.

Eat Healthilyhow to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

No medical study has ever said that eating healthy will hurt you. Or there is any style-guru who skips the veggies and only lives on junkies. No. There ain’t a single piece! SO WHY?!! Is not it the easiest and most effective way? Money saving, time convenient, risk-free (except the allergies, there is always an option) and 100% effective. So, when you eat, eat while thinking about your outside and inside.

People are also interested in taking supplements orally. But, it is best to avoid and never take one without consulting your physician. If you are eating right then already you are receiving what you need. Giving it extra will also cause disruption in your function. And steer clear of Perricone MD Skin & Total Body Supplements as it is considered to be way too expensive and less effective by its user.

Drink Right

You may have learned in your childhood that water is life. Well, that is not a lie after all. Not just we need water but our whole body is made of 70% and more of water. So, to function properly you do need to drink plenty of water. 5-7 glasses a day depending on your body. And cut on sugar-packed juices, alcohol, tons of coffee. They make you dry too. Add in Green Tea. It is a great detoxifier, helps to lose weight, antioxidant and much more.

Break Some Sweat

Everybody say exercise, regularly. But do you know why? There are few good things that happen to you when you exercise. One your heart beat increases that make your blood rush faster and all of your body get a nice flow of blood. Toxins get collected from all over and are dumped. You sweat. Thus, the toxins are flushed out and you are cleaned from inside, pores and as you take a nice bath from outside as well. All your organs function properly and do you know about kidney’s lung functions?

Let me give you a small fact relating to skin. Your renal system which produces waste from the food you ingest plays a vital role in your appearance. If your renal system does not work well and you do not process the food you have eaten and create waste, be it urine, stool or sweat your body will start to rot from inside and so will your skin. Better lungs make it possible to breathe nicely and pass out toxic gas to nature. Making your inside clean. All of them is reflected on the skin, your appearance.


Detoxification is also a very good way to get rid of all the toxic material from your body and to provide it with nutrients and fill your tummy too. Get your favorite veggies and fruits.

Wake Up a Bit Early

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. And now there is a new extension. It also makes you beautiful. Waking up early gives you the time to catch up with a little stretching and moving your body and maintain a skincare routine along with eating a healthy diet. So? From tomorrow set the alarm a bit early and go to bed a bit early too. Your appearance is far important than the social media or late night movies.

Studies say that those who are mentally pleased and happy need to sleep less. So, if you cannot open your eyes even after all the struggle finds out your mental state.

These are what you need for a well enough lifestyle. Eat healthily. Drink water. Cut alcohol and exercise. Sleep properly. Maintain a life of productivity and look provocatively good all day and night without any makeup.

  1. Saunahow to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

Sauna is a thing of the salon. Most popular salon has sauna facilities and if you look at the South-East Asian countries then you will see how important a sauna is. It uses hot steams to detoxify your whole body. You can also get rid of dead cells from all over and relax a bit. If possible visit a sauna once a month or two months. Fit it into your lifestyle too accordingly. Getting a massage once in a while is also a good idea. Nor it will relieve your muscle but will also lessen your stress from mind and body

  1. Healthy Awaken Eyeshow to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

Everything is fine. But your eyes look like they are about to be shut anytime will definitely make you a no-no. I will never approach a sleeping person too. None the less it will be considered rude. So awake your eyes. Make them puffiness, dark circles, spot, wrinkle-free. Look young, confident, sharp and most importantly awake. Ready to take on the world. A beautiful set of eyes can be bigger than any features. Eyes attract most in conversation.

Use castor oil or coconut oil to enhance the length of your lashes. Obviously long thick full lashes are very attractive. You will see results in 2 months.

  1. Pair of Glasses

James Bond Daniel Craig’s smoke-blue-tinted lenses were super hit back in 2008. Or Brad Pitt is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio patterned frame in Catch Me If You Can are all iconic sunglasses and they do look just great. Audrey Hepburn looked elegant and fun as hell with her glasses.

A pair of fancy but suiting glasses can uplift the look and the personality of yours. It is a proven fact. Invest and get one or two glasses. And the brighter side is it protects eyes from the sun!

The mysterious thing is always provocating. Bring out a mysterious side of yours.

  1. Soft Smooth Lips

Another attractive feature of a human face is the lips. The fuller, softer, smoother, rosier and plushier one’s lips are the better looking that person is. So keep your lips always pretty without the lips strainers.

  1. Groomed Hair

A flowing cascade of locks trailing behind your back always makes you look better. Treat your hair like your crown. Always polished and on the point. Keep it clean, healthy. Change the style. There are many ways to change your hair without committing to a permanent change. Make a statement with your hair.

  1. Dress Uphow to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

Apparel often proclaims a man. And it is true. You are judged by your appearance, cleanliness, promptness, and attire. An attire shows your culture, believes and the way you live. And the person with a sense of fashion is pleasing to the eyes without a doubt. So, from now on a give more thoughts while choosing something to wear and do not go out in sweatshirts and PJ’s anymore. Get trendy.

But that does not mean you have to break or loot a bank. Few basic things like a classy white top with jeans, a nice pair of boots or heels, denim, are more than fine. The main point is they are of your size not baggy or loose unless it is the over-sized cute sweaters or long shirts that can be worn alone and is clean. Nothing gaudy but simplicity wins the heart.

  1. Smiley Facehow to look always pretty without makeup: tips from beauty experts

Nothing can be as attractive as a heartfelt smile. I’m sure no one has ever said a genuine smile ugly unless you someone have a bad set of the denture. Nice smile on the face sparks confidence and makes you more approachable. A smiley face will always get people to engage in a talk. So, keep an eye on your oral hygiene. From the color and health of your teeth to the smell of your mouth.

Honey is a better option than vinegar to attract the bees.

  1. Removing Makeup

Makeup makes you look good but when the same makeup is left on the face for a long time it will destroy your skin. So, get the best makeup removing kits and take out all the makeup from your face.

  1. Night or Day Routine

Start maintaining a routine for giving your skin the love and care it needs. Pamper yourself. Why do you work and earn so much for? Obviously for yourself! So design a time chart that is only for you and your soul and body. Maybe morning is not really convenient but does not miss your nightly routine. And follow it step by step.

Confident is the Best Makeup You Can Wear

No matter what you do you have to be confident in yourself. You have to love yourself. What you have and what you do must be admired by you. Always try to change the odds in you and praise the beauty in you. That is how to look always pretty without makeup tips from beauty experts, beauties, and wise people. Comfortable in your own skin is the new motto.


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