Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Probably dark underarms are common to all. The frequent shaving, chemical based deodorant, accumulation of dry skin, sweating, germs or bacteria, etc. are the reasons of dark underarms. You can whiten the darkness or spots of your armpits in different ways, like using skin lightening products. Are all the ingredients or products safe?

You need the treatments that can bleach the dark underarms safely and keep them also clean removing the sweating, germs, bacteria or odor completely.

Yes, I am telling about some home remedies that are much useful for lightening the darkness or spots from the armpits naturally. Okay, let’s see-

Commonly Used 15 Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

  1. YogurtHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Yogurt is a natural home remedy for skin, including the underarms too. It reduces the discoloration of the armpits and kills the bad smell leaving the places fresh. Yogurt removes the reasons, for that you face dark armpits. Mix one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this mixture onto the armpits and let it dry for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse the skin off with water.

  1. Vitamin E OilHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Maybe you don’t think it will be helpful for your black armpits. It is much beneficial for the beautification of the skin. Vitamin E oil not only makes the underarms bright but also keeps the skin soft and hydrated. Massage the places with some oil for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Vitamin E Capsules can be also used. Buy some capsules, puncture one and apply the oil to the underarms.

  1. Olive OilHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Olive oil is, no doubt, one of the greatest home remedies for dark underarms. It is full of antioxidants and other skin moisturizing agents. Make a scrub with one cup of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of pure olive oil.

Apply it to the armpits for 5 minutes. Then rinse the skin off with water. Follow this treatment two times a day for one week. Better will be if you apply it before taking the shower. And it won’t clog to your skin, rather keep the armpits free from sweating, odor, etc.

  1. SandalwoodHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Nothing to say about the ability of sandalwood for skin care. It is one of the most used natural skin lightening ingredients. This remedy has a nice fragrance that reduces the odor from the armpits caused by the sweating. Mix one tablespoon of rose water with two tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Mix them well and make a paste. Rub the armpits with it and leave this mixture for 10 minutes. Then wash the skin off with warm water.

  1. Baking SodaHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Mix some water with baking soda, and make a thicker paste with them. Apply the paste onto your armpits and let the paste dry. Then cleanse the underarms off with warm water. Do it once a day and no more dark armpits within 2-3 weeks. Baking soda is a natural skin lightening remedy and it is milder enough, so does not affect the skin.

  1. VinegarHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

If you are looking for a good natural way to remove the sweating, the bacteria, germs or bad smell of your armpits, you can use vinegar. It is much effective to bleach the darkness or dark spots from the underarms. Apply some vinegar on the armpits for 10 minutes and wash the skin off with warm water. To make it more usable, mix some rice flour with the vinegar.

  1. PotatoesHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Potato is another one of the best home remedies for dark underarms. This kitchen stuff is enriched with natural moisturizer, bleaching agent, and some mild acidic elements. Potatoes also do not irritate the skin. The bleaching agents and acid whiten the armpits and the moisturizer hydrates the skin.

Massage your underarms with a slice of potato for several minutes. Do it daily once. Or blend some potatoes and take the juice. Rub the armpits with the juice for several minutes and then rinse the places off with water.

  1. SaffronHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Do you ever think saffron is an elegant home remedy to bleach the dark underarms? Mix two tablespoons of body lotion with a pinch of saffron to prepare a paste. Apply the mixture to your armpits. Leave it to the places for 5 minutes. Then cleanse off the skin with water.

The odor of your armpits also will be vanished away after using the saffron. Repeat this way daily once and gradually you will get lighter underarms.

  1. MilkHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Very few natural ingredients are as powerful as milk to lighten the skin. Milk also hydrates, softens and moisturizes the skin. It adds an extra beauty to your skin.

Similarly, you can use this natural remedy to get rid of the darkness of your armpits. Milk contains vitamins, fatty acids, and other nutrients that are helpful for skin lightening and softening. Rub your underarms with milk or milk cream and leave the milk on the places for 15 minutes. Then rinse the places off with lukewarm water.

The milk also removes the bad smell of your underarms. Do it daily for getting a faster result.

  1. Coconut OilHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Coconut oil is one of the best natural deodorants. It improves the color of the underarms. Also, you will have moisturized and hydrated armpits by using coconut oil. But, it whitens the skin slowly. So, you have to follow this remedy daily basis.

Rub some coconut oils onto the armpits and leave it for 10 minutes against the underarms and then cleanse the skin off with water. It also creates a barrier against the sweating.

  1. Gram FlourHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Gram flour is another one of the incredible home remedies for dark underarms. Many women use it to treat their acne of the face. Mix some gram flour with yogurt and lemon juice. Curd can be also added. Mix them well and make a paste. Apply this natural whitening solution onto your armpits. Repeat it daily once to get more whitening armpits.

  1. LemonsHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Lemon is a good natural remedy to bleach the dark skin of the body. Especially, it works nicely to remove the dark lips, dark nipples, and dark armpits. Lemon is also a natural antiseptic. It reduces the odor from the underarms too. But, it may dry your skin slightly.

So, after using lemon, use a skin moisturizer or cream perfect for the armpits. Cut a lemon. Rub a slice under the armpits and leave two slices on the underarms for 10 minutes. Then wash the places off with normal water and moisturize the skin.

  1. ApplesHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

The bacteria and germs are grown inside the underarms by the sweating. And finally, this way your armpits gradually get darker. Apple is a natural treatment for this dark underarm. It kills the bacteria, germs and odor from the armpits and keeps the places fresh.

Apple contains AHA and some acidic elements that keep your armpits neat and clean. Smash up an apple and apply it to the underarms for 10 minutes. Then rinse them off with water. Apple also exfoliates the armpits and this treats the darkness or spots.

  1. Orange PeelHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Orange peel is another one of the best home remedies for dark underarms. It is better than any other solution. Orange peel is rich in a nice fragrance, citric acid, and natural skin whitening properties.

Mix two tablespoons of orange peel powder with some rose water and make a paste. Now leave the mixture against your armpits for 10 minutes. Then cleanse the places with warm water. Continuing it 2-3 times a week helps you to get brighter underarms and removes the unpleasing odor.

  1. CucumberHome Remedies for Dark Underarms

Cucumber is a wonderful natural ingredient to brighten the dark lips, dark circles under eyes or dark nipples. And know it is similarly effective to remove the dark underarms. It also softens and soothes the skin. You can enjoy odor-free underarms after applying cucumber.

Rub the places with cucumber slices for 3-4 minutes. Or you can pour some lemon juice onto the cucumber slices. It increases the bleaching power. Honey can be also mixed with cucumber.

Of course, I blend cucumber and apply it to the armpits for 10 minutes. After drying the paste, I wash the places off with water.

Use the above home remedies for dark underarms and believe you can be able to whiten your armpits keeping them clean, smooth and odor-free. Let me know please what home remedy you will use for lightening your dark armpits.


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