dark spot remover home remedies

Nobody wants dark spots on the face and body. Do you? I am sure the answer is NO. Dark spots are annoying, disgusting, and obviously bad looking. And it is the most common skin problem from young to adults.

Another name of dark spots is hyperpigmentation. It causes due to the excessive production of melanin inside your skin. And the melanin production is triggered by sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, skin inflammation, pregnancy, melasma, stress, and much more.

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Are you scared? Don’t be. Today, I will share some effective home remedies that can minimize the strength of those dark spots. Besides, these home remedies also offer some other skin care benefits. Let’s see the best home remedies for dark spots.

  1. Use Lemon Juice

It is the best and easy remedy to remove dark spots. Lemon is naturally acidic and fades the dark spots with the bleaching properties. It also removes dead skin cells and promotes cellular regeneration.

Take a fresh lemon, cut it, and pour the lemon juice into a glass bowl. Now wet a cotton pad with that juice and apply directly on the affected area of your body and face. Let it dry and wash off with plain water.

If your skin is super sensitive, apply lemon juice by mixing with normal water or rose water. Don’t apply lemon juice if your skin has open sores or lesions. Try it at least a couple of weeks regularly to get a better result.

  1. Use Papaya Pulpdark spot remover home remedies

Papaya is a great ingredient to rejuvenate skin tones. It is a most common fruit in your kitchen to make juice. Now, you can use it to diminish dark spot from your skin. Papaya removes your dark spots with the papain enzyme. Its preparation and application are very easy.

Take a cut of ripe papaya and mash in a pot to make its pulp. You may add a few drops of honey in it for more effectively. Now apply this remedy on your affected area and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water.

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Apply this remedy daily until you get the expected result. It takes a few weeks to fade out your dark spots. You can use this pulp as a face pack to rejuvenate skin tone.

  1. Apply Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is a common kitchen ingredient for cooking. It is highly effective to lightening dark skin. In Indian wedding ritual, raw turmeric is used to lighten the skin tone of both bride and bridegroom. It also shows antibacterial properties to the skin.

You can use either turmeric powder or raw turmeric to prepare this remedy. Take raw turmeric and mash it to form a fine paste. Now, add a little milk and a few drops of lemon juice in it. Stir to mix all the ingredients uniformly.

Apply it on your skin where the spots appear. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

  1. Apply Onion Juicedark spot remover home remedies

The smell of onion is disgusting, but benefits are awesome. It is the most needed cooking spice to all. Onion juice is widely used to hair and scalp treatment. You will be glad to know that, it is great on skin spots due to its bleaching properties.

You can directly rub raw onion on your skin to remove dark spots. If you don’t like it, then apply the onion juice on your dark spots. For this, Take a fresh big onion and blend or mash it to bring out the juice.

Now strain to separate the juice from the solid part. Mix two teaspoons of honey in it and apply on your dark spot with a cotton pad. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then use normal water to wash off the area well. Onion juice may create burning sensation to your eyes. So, be careful while applying.

  1. Use Sandal Wood Paste

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Sandalwood is widely used as skin care treatment. Today, it is infused in various effective skin lightening products. However, you can use this awesome ingredient to treat your dark skin spots.

Take one tablespoon sandalwood powder, one tablespoon of glycerin, two tablespoons of rosewater in a small glass bowl and mix them all. You can use honey instead of rosewater.

Now, apply this thick paste on your spotted skin. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Use this remedy regularly on a daily basis until your black spots get vanished completely.

  1. Use Potato Slicedark spot remover home remedies

Your kitchen is another source of spot treating ingredients. Yes, it is a potato. It is highly effective to rejuvenate skin tone and vanishing dark spots. It also treats scars and blemishes with its starch.

Take a fresh potato, and cut it in a few pieces of thin slices. Place the slice on the spotted area directly and hold for a few minutes. After repeating this remedy for a few days, you will notice the improvement of your dark spots.

You can use potato pulp instead of slice. Because, in both ways, you can get the same benefits. This also helps to hydrate your skin.

  1. Use Aloe Vera Remedy

Aloe is such a beauty ingredients that does not require much introduction. It is well-known to all for its beauty and healing properties.  It also works effectively to correct dark spots and skin blemishes.

You don’t need extra preparation to apply aloe vera on your skin. Just take a healthy aloe leaf and extract the thick jelly part from it. Apply on your face and body directly and leave it for 20 minutes. Now, rinse off thoroughly to remove the residue from your face.

Try it once or twice a day until the dark spots fade away completely. This remedy also soothes your skin inflammation and ensures proper hydration.

  1. Use Butter Milkdark spot remover home remedies

Buttermilk is highly effective for skin treatment. You can use this to rejuvenate your skin tone and correct the dark spots. One of the main elements of buttermilk is the lactic acid which dissolves dead skin cells and lightens skin.

You can apply buttermilk directly on the spot affected skin. Take a cotton ball, dab it to the buttermilk, and apply to the skin affected by spots. Wait for a couple minutes to work on your spot. Then rinse off with water.

If you have oily skin or suffering from acne, mix a little lemon juice in it and apply. You will get a great improvement of your spots within a few days.

  1. Use Tomato Juice

Tomato salad, Yummy! Nah! You can use it to remove dark spot effectively from your skin. Tomato is a rich source of vitamin A, C, and E. It boosts collagen production, regulates the elasticity of the skin, and prevents skin from oxidative damages.

Take a tomato and make juice by mashing it. Put the juice in a glass jar and add one teaspoon of milk in it. Mix them well and apply it on your skin. Wait for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with normal water.

Within a couple of days, you will notice the improvement. Don’t stop. Continue the application until your skin gets rid of from the spots.

  1. Use Fuller’s Earthdark spot remover home remedies

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Fuller’s earth is highly effective for skin lightening. It also minimizes the appearance of pores and dark spots on your skin. You should add a little milk and honey in it to make this remedy super effective.

Take a small glass jar and put two tablespoons of fuller’s earth, two tablespoons of raw milk, and one tablespoon of honey in it. Now, stir to make a fine paste by mixing them all.

Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy twice or thrice a week to get the expected result.

These are the best dark spot remover home remedies. All these remedies are highly effective to give you a spotless attractive look. Just apply, repeat with patience, and see the miraculous result.


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