5 Best Homemade Hair Masks for Better Hair

Last Updated: September 15, 2019
best homemade hair mask with natural ingredients
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Everyone wants to feel and look good. That’s why some people are willing to spend a large amount of money on buying products that will make them look good. One of the essential parts of the body is your hair. Some people even go to salons and have their hairstylist do the magic for them.

There are a lot of ways you can do at home to ensure that your hair stays healthy and beautiful all the time. All you need to do is search the web for helpful tips and advice so that you’ll know what the things you can use at home to create a perfect hair lock. Here is a list of 5 DIY hair packs that I use also.

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The best homemade hair mask I use to get shiny and thick hair

1. Avocado and Banana Hair Mask

Maintaining healthy hair is not that difficult. You can make use of the basic things you have in your kitchen. If you want to create the perfect hair mask, you can try making one by using fruits and other ingredients to complete the process. The avocado banana hair mask is the best example of a hair mask you should consider using it at home.

This hair mask is proven to be effective because of the benefits it can give to the user. The avocado banana hair mask is known to provide a refreshing feeling the user and help hydrate the hair of the user. If you want your hair to have a natural shine and save money at the same time, you should try this type of hair mask at home.

The ingredients you’ll need to create this kind of hair mask are water, apple cider vinegar, egg, avocado, banana, and a tablespoon of olive oil. You need to mix all the ingredients and apply it to your hair. If you want better results, then don’t forget to do this every time you take a bath.

2. Egg and Lemon Hair Mask

Egg and lemon juice hair mask
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If you’re suffering from oily scalp problems, then this is the perfect hair mask for you. The process isn’t that difficult. You will only need two things for you to create this kind of hair mask. The first ingredient would be eggs, and the second one would be lemons.

Eggs are known to be one of the best foods to be served during breakfast. Other than being tasty, it’s also good for the hair since it’s rich in Vitamin D, E, A, fatty acids, and proteins. Lemon, on the other hand, is also known to be good for the hair because of its capabilities when it comes to absorbing excess grease and oil in the scalp.

If you already have the ingredients needed, the first thing you’ll need to do is separate the yellow part of the egg and use the egg white only. Mix the lemon juice along with the egg white in a bowl. After that, gently apply it to damp areas of your hair and leave it on for 30-45 minutes and then rinse afterward.

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3. Olive Oil and Brown Sugar Hair Mask

There are a lot of ways for you to exfoliate your hair and keep it moisturized all the time. One of the cheapest ways to do it is creating your hair care product at home. Instead of paying expensive hair salons to do it for you, why not create your hair care product using only brown sugar and olive oil.

Olive oils are known to restore shine and moisture while brown sugar help removes sweat buildup, sebum, and other particles that can harm your hair. You will no longer need to go outside or spend a large amount of money on expensive hair products.

For you to create this type of scrub, you will need to combine both said ingredients in a bowl until it’s well incorporated. After that, divide your hair into sections and use your fingers to spread the scrub in your scalp for better results. Once you’re done applying it to your scalp, gently rinse it and then rewash your head with the usual shampoo you’re using.

4. Lemon and Chamomile Hair Mask

chamomile and lemon juice hair mask
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If you want bright and shiny hair, you can use natural ingredients such as chamomile and tea. These two, when combined, can give you the shine and luster that you want for your hair. This type of hair mask is best for women with ashy blonde hair.

Lemons are known to have antifungal properties in it, which helps control oil buildup in the scalp. Chamomile, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory compounds which can also help reduce dry and itchy scalp. If you want the natural way of maintaining the shine of your hair, then you should consider using this concoction at home.

You can also try adding potato along with other ingredients. To get started, you must mix tea and lemon along with grated potato. Once done mixing, you can now apply it to your hair and blow dry for about three minutes. After blow-drying your hair, you can now rinse and style it. You’ll be surprised with the results afterward.

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5. Aspirin and Shampoo Hair Mask

There are a lot of factors why your hair could go dull. Product and residue buildup are just two of the major culprits. There are a lot of ways you can do to prevent this kind of problem. Aside from using expensive hair products, you can also use aspirin along with shampoo as an alternative.

Aspirin is known to have salicylic acid which helps restore the shine and remove buildup in your hair. You can also use baking soda combined with your shampoo if you don’t have aspirin at home. However, this kind of hair mask is not recommended for people who just recently dyed their hair for it may strip out the color of their hair.


Taking care of your hair is not a difficult task. There are a lot of other methods you can do to have the perfect hair. But, if you have a tight budget, then you should consider making your homemade hair masks, packs or scrubs at home rather than spend money on expensive hair salons and products.

You can also ask other people who do the same thing so that you’ll know what the different types of hair care products you can make at home. Surfing the web for more information regarding DIY hair care can also be a big help. If you’re planning to do this at home, make sure to buy the right ingredients.

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