Best cosmetic brands used by celebrities

We always show interest in celebrity lifestyle. We want to know about their personal and professional life. We follow them, like them, share them, and most importantly want to be as them.

We seek eagerly what they wear, what they eat, and how they maintain their flawless, stunning, and young look.

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To stay focused on their fan’s eyes, they hardly maintain their lifestyle and obviously depend on some brands (beauty, cosmetics, makeup, and skincare).

Here, we listed 10 best brands that provide all types of cosmetics, makeup, and beauty products to our celebrities. Just read and choose yours one from. Be spicy.

1. AquaphorBest Cosmetic Brands Used By Celebrities

Aquaphor is an over-the-counter (OTC) beauty ointment trusted by celebrities and mass people. This ointment gives soothing sensation along with special care for dry and cracked skin. Famous Hollywood celebrity Nicole Kidman says about Aquaphor, “It costs nothing and it’s amazing for dry skin, which I have. I put it on my face and it’s very, very good.” (Buy Aquaphor ointment from Amazon)

This brand’s other products are also popular in the celebrities. I personally use lip balm of this brand. It is just cool for my lips in winter.

Other Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Beyonce (Singer) – uses on her face before going to bed
  • Lucy Liu
  • Charlize Theron – used for her son

2. Cetaphil

This cleanser is soap free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic. It’s mild and non-irritating formula soothes and cleans the skin effectively. Only for this, many celebrities use it for their daily purpose. Olivia Wilde says, “I use the cheapest possible skin care – not because it’s cheap, but because it’s the best”. She uses Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer. Source

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Other Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Claire Danes
  • Charlize Theron – loves the clean smell
  • Zoe Saldana – uses Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer

3. BenefitBest Cosmetic Brands Used By Celebrities

The Benefit produces a variety of skin and beauty care products for face, eyes, body, hair, and makeup. The best-selling products of this brand are They’re Real, Maybe Baby, Gimme Brow, Roller Lash, and much more.

Celebrities like this brand much, especially the Benefit Benetint. Nicole Kidman say’s about this product that, “I’m a mom so I don’t have a lot of room in my bag, but I always try to have an all-in-one product. I use Benefit Benetint on my lips and cheeks.” Source

Other Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Eva Mendez
  • Leelee Sobieski
  • Amy Adams

4. Vaseline

Vaseline is a world famous brand well known as effective petroleum jelly. It protects the skin from dryness and keeps it soft. Celebrities also use this product for various purposes. Some use it to preserve their skin moisture, and some for removing makeup.

Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Rachel Bilson – for removing makeups
  • Frieda Pinto – use on eyelid for a dewy and angelic look
  • Tyra Banks
  • Alek Wek
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Jennifer Lopez

5. La MerBest Cosmetic Brands Used By Celebrities

This brand contributes to beauty care world with lots of products. The most famous product of this brand is Crème de la Mer. In English, it is called, “Cream of the Sea”. This cream helps to renew and restore skin. Many famous celebrities use this for their beauty purpose. Serena Williams uses this cream on her face regularly. (Buy this cream from Amazon)

Celebrities who use this brand:

  • Charlize Theron
  • Serena Williams
  • Amy Adams

4. Clé de Peau Beauté

It introduces lots of beauty, skin care, and personal products. One of the enormous products of this brand is Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer. This product wins many awards for its quality. This product is highly effective for locking moisture and smooth out the texture.

For its high effectivity, it takes a permanent position in celebrity’s beauty product list. Rooney Mara, the famous American actress says, “My mom was the one who told me about this stick. It gives such good coverage, yet you look as though you’re not wearing anything at all”. Source

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Other Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum

7. NARSBest Cosmetic Brands Used By Celebrities

NARS is the famous beauty care company. Its products help to get elegant beauty with a superb skin care. But, celebrity likes its lipstick pencil most. It looks like a jumbo size pencil. With its rich pigments, it can cover up your lip instantly. Its long-lasting formula provides seamless color with a velvet matte finish. This lip stick’s color lasts for hours.

Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Christina Hendricks
  • Salma Hayek
  • Allison Williams
  • Taylor Swift
  • Anna Faris

8. Oribe

Oribe is mainly a hair care brand. With all its products, it can support hair in both beauty and health. One of the most fabulous products of Oribe is Dry Texturizing Spray. It helps you to get better and glamorous hair. It is also used by famous celebrities.

Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Abigail Spencer
  • Kate Mara
  • Olivia Wilde

9. L’Oreal ParisBest Cosmetic Brands Used By Celebrities

All products of this brand have proven quality in beauty, skin care, and personal care. But, Voluminous Mascara is outstanding. It thickens eyelashes evenly and smoothly without any flakes, smudges, or clumps. Other products of this brand are also used by many celebrities.

Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Nina Dobrev – uses Voluminous Mascara
  • Ashley Greene – uses Voluminous Mascara
  • Evangeline Lily – uses Elvive Full Restore

10. Chanel

Chanel has lots of products which you can feed with all your style and beauty appetite. Celebrities also use this brand’s various products to enhance their glamor. (Buy Chanel foundation from Amazon)

Celebrities Who Use This Brand:

  • Courtney Eaton
  • Sophie Turner
  • Tailor Swift
  • Allison Williams

Let me know which brands already you are using or going to use.


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