5 Effective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

Do you want a crummy puberty beard or a majestic lion’s mane?

Beards are coming back in style, and after decades of glorifying the baby-faced look, now men everywhere are giving facial fur its fair chance. But there’s a catch: beards don’t just come from the magical beard fairy. If you want one, you have to grow it, and that takes time, energy and the know-how.

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The problem is that a beard looks amazing once it’s grown to the desired length and styled and groomed properly, but during the actual growing process, you can often look silly. So to minimize that, we’re going to tell you how to get the beard of your choice as fast as possible.

Here Are 5 Tips For Growing Your Beard Out (Quickly)

  1. Increase Your Protein IntakeEffective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

Consuming protein is essential to maintaining the general health of your body. A lack of protein will result in your losing muscle mass, feeling weak, and your immune system losing its effectiveness.

Of course, we all know we’re supposed to eat protein one way or another. But, did you also know that protein boosts body hair growth?

Proteins make up a major part of your hair’s composition. Low protein intake means there’s less of it provided to your hair, which leads to your hair turning thinner and even eventually falling out. Increasing your protein intake will lead to your hair using that protein to not only grow faster but grow stronger and healthier too.

So, whether you get your protein from a shake or a steak, or anything in between, if you want to speed up the beard growing process, get more protein.

  1. Eat Your VeggiesEffective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

It’s not just protein that you need to get more of. It’s the green stuff too. They always say 6-pack abs start in the kitchen – well, a good beard does too. An appropriate diet of fresh vegetables will provide the ingredients your body uses in hair growth.

Fruits are good too, there’s plenty of great stuff in fruits that help with beard growth and health. You need to look at which fruits and veggies provide the best vitamins and nutrients, and possibly consider picking up supplements for the stuff you’re missing in your diet.

In particular, you’ll want vitamin B6 (which is found in bananas, spinach, hazelnuts and sweet potato), vitamin C (found in oranges, grapefruits, red bell peppers and broccoli), and vitamin E (found in almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes and avocado).

The most helpful vitamin of the entire set though is B7, or biotin, which helps your body produce keratin, a type of protein that makes your hair (and skin) stronger and healthier. You can get biotin from avocado, bread, cauliflower, or mushrooms.

  1. Don’t Trim It Down/Shape ItEffective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

Before you go calling us captain obvious and the dummy brigade, let us explain.

Often while growing a beard, you will feel compelled to shape it or line it up. I mean, what’s the harm, right? Besides, if you shape it now, it’ll grow just the way you want, right? Except it doesn’t really work like that. Your beard isn’t a hedge.

If you’re into photography or photograph editing, then you may know of an ancient and undeniable truth about editing photos: it’s way easier to take something big and make it small than it is to take something small and make it big. In essence, you should try to go as big as possible, so that when it comes time to edit you can just press a button to shrink it down.

Beards are exactly the same. If you start playing with your beard when it’s not big enough, you’ll only complicate the process. Leave it alone. Let it get a little bigger than you intend, and trim it down to size – because that’s a lot easier than trying to shape your beard when it’s too small.

Some men also often feel compelled to give up on their beards because it’s too scratchy or the growing process itches, but that’s a natural part of it. Applying beard conditioners and oils will soften it, and one of our later tips will help get rid of the itching.

Oh, and I’m sure you already know this, but shaving does not make your beard grow faster or fuller.

  1. Clean and Moisturize Your FaceEffective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

Even a child can figure out by now the main point we’re trying to drive home is that if you keep your beard and body healthy, it will grow faster and fuller. In particular, you’ll want to use a face moisturizer that contains eucalyptus (yes, that’s the plant koalas eat). Eucalyptus, in particular, is really good for removing dry, dead skin, and cleaning up your face. Some good quality beard moisturizers:

Improving the health of your face allows your beard to grow in – say it with me now – healthier and faster. But, I’m not repeating myself for fun. I’m driving home the point. Maintain the health of your face and your body and your beard will grow faster.

The other thing you need to do frequently is exfoliating.

Now, if you’re like some of us, you may not know what exfoliating even means (the definition of exfoliating).

Exfoliating your face will help get rid of the dead and flaky skin, and help stimulate the growth of a good beard. It’s also really good for your general health anyways, so you should do it whether you have a beard or not.

  1. Work Out and Limit Your StressEffective Tips For Growing Your Beard Out Quickly

Testosterone boosts your body hair growth – including on your face. Because of that, working out helps significantly with beard growth. Exercise makes testosterone levels rise, which directly impacts beard (and body hair) growth.

On that same topic, do you know what kills your testosterone levels?


If you want to grow and maintain a healthy, full face of fantastic, you’ll need to cut down on your stress levels. Stress will lower your testosterone, which will have a big impact on how fast your beard grows in.

So to recap, if you want to help your beard come in faster – and you want it to look amazing when it does – then consume protein, eat veggies, resist the urge to trim, moisturize and clean your face, and work out and cut your stress down. That’s how you get a beard that’d put Mufasa’s glorious ginger mane to shame.

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