10 best foods for weight loss safely

Exercise can shed your weight. But, taking right foods with it can accelerate your weight cutting more.

All foods do not contain same calories or fats. Some calories and fats help to lose your weight.

Below I am going to show you such 10 foods that must burn your extra weight.

  1. Broccoli10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

It is a green vegetable. Eat broccoli to lose your weight. This vegetable is rich in calcium and fiber. You can eat it as a salad or the baked items. Or you can take it with mixed vegetables, like boiled potato, tomatoes, black beans, etc. An effective weight loss menu can be a salad with broccoli, cashews, and sesame dressing.

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  1. Cabbage10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

This vegetable helps to boost up the immune system and it is also rich in vitamin C. This combination of both these twos works as the antioxidants that are helpful to cut the extra pounds. You can eat cabbage as a sautéed stir fry or it is also delicious with sweet-tart apples. You can prepare a wonderful weight loss salad with red cabbage, ginger vinaigrette, and apple.

  1. Grapefruits10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and it is the powerhouse for cutting the extra weight. It also contains potassium, folic acid, and pectin (a subtle fiber). Grapefruit is good for heart disease and it works against atherosclerosis.

The red and pink colored grapefruits are rich in lycopene and vitamin A. The lycopene protects the arterial walls from the oxidative damage. You can eat these fruits as refreshing salad or juice. Both are effective, but keep the fiber with juices.

  1. Spinach10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

This vegetable is another one of the best foods to lose weight. Spinach is loaded with vitamin K, Iron, and Folic acid. It is leafy, tender, and flavorful green vegetable. It is delicious to eat. You can eat it by boiling with a slight salt. Spinach can be also eaten by seasoning with other green vegetables. You can make a savory omelet with spinach, garlic, sliced mushrooms, and sauté-shredded carrot.

  1. Oats10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

You can eat oatmeals to kill your extra pounds. Oats are rich in heavy fiber. It increases the metabolism. Just one serving can fill you up for a whole day. You can make clusters with dark chocolate and oats. It just takes 5 minutes to prepare 3 servings and keep you energetic while losing your pounds.

  1. Avocados10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

It is also a super food to lose weight fast. Avocados are loaded with fats but these fats are not unhealthy or increase the weight. It contains monounsaturated fats, known as oleic acid. It leads you to the hunger. This creamy super fruit is also loaded with protein and fiber. Eat a half or quarter of an avocado and see the belly fats go away soon.

  1. Cucumber10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

Cucumber is mainly a water-content vegetable. Besides, it is rich in fiber. One cup crushed cucumber contains 99 grams of water. This green vegetable has also low calorie. To lose weight, either burn your extra fats or eat low-calorie foods. One cup cucumber just contains 16 calories.

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Eat cucumber as juice form. Drink one glass of juice in the morning after breakfast and another glass is at night before sleeping. It will cut the belly fats while you will be sleeping.

  1. Lemon10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

It is another great juice for weight loss. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and it is also an anti-oxidant. While it cuts the fats, it also increases the skin brightness. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with one glass warm water and drink it in the morning in the empty belly. Or you can drink it at night. Besides, you can spread the lemon juice on the top of various foods or salad. It increases the craving.

  1. Salmon10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

All proteins do not increase fats. The proteins from the lean sources rather lower the fats in your body. It will make you feel fuller throughout the day also.

About 50% of women from 18-50 do not know this protein can help to lose their extra fats. Salmon is a good choice-leaner rather than the red meat. Right now, full your intake with salmon.

A study showed in 2001 that the MUFA rich food can lose average 9 pounds while others increase average 6 pounds. So, you can go with a chock-full of MUFA .

  1. Pears10 Best Foods for Weight Loss Safely

It is rich in lots of fibers. Just one pear can give you 15% of your total fiber for a day. A study shows that the women who eat 3 pears a day can consume fewer calories and lose their weight more than who do not. Don’t throw away the peel because the skin keeps the mostly fiber that will be effective for you.

These are the best and most effective foods to burn your extra weight. Besides taking these foods, take a half an hour exercise daily and it will rapidly lose your weight. Let me know please how you lost your pounds.


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